The best thing about ShowParty is that anyone can do it! As long as you're willing to jump into the weird unknown with a heart full of wonder, kindness, and honesty you'll do just fine. We currently offer a variety of workshops to help get you started thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and exploring your own artistic vision. We teach workshops for kids, teens, and adults! If you’re interested in hosting a ShowParty workshop shoot us an email at


Intro to ShowParty: A DIY Approach to Theater!
A DIY theatre workshop with an emphasis on crafting a unique experience for the audience. We encourage participants not to be confined to traditional roles, but instead to think of themselves as complete artists with the power to create their own movement, lighting, sound, and text for performance. No experience necessary! All are welcome!



The Artist’s Voice:
A craft and identity workshop providing a look into who you are as a creator and ways to strengthen your faith in yourself. In the creation of a short piece or theatrical object, participants will explore process and learn how to amplify their own strengths and passions, and how best to encourage others within their ensemble to do the same.



Wiggle Weird Move Beyond Words:
Gesture, movement, abstraction. Have you ever wanted to make theater beyond words and
dialogue? Have you ever wanted to make a statement using just your body? Have you ever
wanted to communicate something powerful and personal, but worried that it might be “too
weird”? This workshop is designed to empower you to use movement, physicality, and your own experiences to make theatre that is authentic to you! And when we say “you”, we mean everybody— non-dancer, dancer, non-actor, actor--no experience necessary, nothing required other than a good attitude and some sweat pants. Participants will explore the power of gesture and movement to make devised theatre, and will translate these tools to abstracted pieces created within the workshop.



Sound fun? Wanna try it? Email us at